Closing Bikelands

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It is with regret that Bikelands, the shop and bike hire is now closed. 

We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all our wonderful, loyal customers who have supported us over the years. It has been a great privilege running Bikelands and meeting so many, cool, fun people. Many of whom have gone on to become good friends. 

We had a dream to open a boutique, bicycle shop by the sea and we did it and don't regret a moment. However, after taking into consideration the high costs of running a shop we made the difficult decision to close.

We hope this won't be the end of Bikelands and hope to open the website in some form or another in the future.  

In the meantime, THANK YOU and remember... Those That Ride Discover... 

Mucho love and cycling adventures, Rebecca & Stu xx



Introducing State Bicycle Co.

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Introducing to all you Bikelanders the "State Bicycle Co.". Once again we have been on a hunt finding you the latest in awesome bikes and accessories, having known about State Bicycle Co. for a while we are super excited to be introducing them to Bikelands and to you! 

State Bicycle is a ride developed company specialising in single speed and fixed gear, bikes curated by three cool dudes from Arizona with big dreams and the desire to target the Single speed and fixie (fixed wheel) market. Unsurprisingly, they have taken the market by storm. Having only started out in 2009 they're one of the biggest fixie brands out there. They've created sleek, good looking bikes of premium quality without the premium price and have led the market ever since.

Like us, State value the enjoyment of the rider. Just another reason why we like these guys so much. They use social media to it's full advantage as a platform for marketing and customer engagement. A place where riders can share their experiences and their mutual love for riding and for State, a growing community for cyclists!

Find State Bicycles here. Having such a huge range of bicycles we have selected a few of our favourites, however if you cant find the one you are looking for we are happy to try and source it for you. Give us a call on 01395 642 500 or drop us an email at, or alternatively pop in for a chat!

#Everydaycycling #Thosethatridediscover #letyourwheelsdefineyou #ExploreYourState  







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Love Bikes, Love Bobbin

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The Bikelander -
Tom and Sian first established Bobbin in 2007 after discovering a lack of bikes that were made simply for the enjoyment of riding, so they set out to establish their own brand of bikes for the sole purpose of spontaneity cycling and joy. (You can see why we love them so much).

Since then, Bobbin have come a long way, starting as a small independent bike company selling Dutch style bikes out of a small atelier in Islington, London which is where we first met them. Today they are on their way to world domination in the everyday cycling world, most importantly having an influence on the way that women's cycling is marketed worldwide. They've also had a recent collaboration with the University of Cambridge and have produced special edition bikes in honour. A PR dream of British heritage. Find the Cambridge collection here. (Psst, we're also doing an introductory offer...)

Influenced by powerful women of today including Florence Welch and Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella, Bobbin have taken marketing cycling to women to a whole new level. By removing the competitiveness, the racing bars and excessive gears they have created bikes that have a "get up and go" feel to them that is both classic and edgy at the same time making them the bike to ride at the moment. Their men's range is appealing to a whole new audience of men who don't want to climb hills the fastest but a good sturdy bike for their daily commute or weekend cafe ritual.

Deliciously Ella 25.01.16    

2016 saw an extended range so now there is a bike for everyone. From the wanderlusters to the hipsters. The Birdies to the Dark Star. Bobbin caters for all joyous cyclists, and their wide range of accessories allow you to give your Bobbin its own personal touch. There is a rainbow of colours to choose from along with different finishes to suit every mood and style. 

When you buy a Bobbin you aren't just buying a bike, you're joining a community of people who all share a singular interest, a love of joyful cycling. The power of social media enables Bobbin to exist as a community, sharing pictures and adventures through the realms of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Not only are the Bobbin Bikes fab, but owners Sian & Tom are pretty damn cool too. And being a friendly pair it makes doing business with them a whole lot nicer. Its great to catch up with them at the trade shows and because they've been in our shoes (as independent retailers) they respect our feedback which is reassuring.  

Since we first opened we knew Bobbin would be a key brand  for  us and rightly they have been a best seller ever since. You  often  see a Bobbin Bicycle swishing around the streets of  Exmouth and  Exeter that our lovely customers have put their  own mark on from  our range of stylish accessories (that we get in with Bobbin in  mind). If I had a £1 for every person who  said "this is the bike I've  always wanted"....










So with so many cool Bobbin options now what are our favourites:


Rebecca Top Picks at BikelandsStuart's Top Picks at Bikelands

#BeckyLoves the Bobbin Brownie in Raspberry. I just love this new funky Pinky colour. I can't wait to see the new colours each year and this one comes out tops! Its like a deep cerise pink which you can accessorise to your hearts content with a basket & garlands 

#StuartLoves the Bobbin Beat in Black for it's sheer simplicity, upright position and minimalist feel. It's a great #everydaycycling bike. Loved by the trend setters of Shoreditch as well as those who are a bit long in the tooth and prefer comfort to speed ;-)   

#KateLoves the Bobbin Birdie in Cornfield Yellow for it's smooth matte finish and even smoother ride with no fuss gears... 

#SamLoves the new Single Speed in Charcoal for it's clean lines 

#AndyLoves the Dark Star for it's classic look with a modern twist. Ideal for longer commutes too 

Which one do you love?

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Goodordering have been a Bikelands favourite ever since we lay our eyes on them. The stylish, innovative bags that "never go out of style". 

Who are they?

First of all, when we say they, we mean she. Jacqui Ma. An extremely talented handbag designer and committed commuter. With years of experience in the design industry Ma put her expertise to designing stylish and practical bike friendly bags. 

Where does GO come from?

Hackney, East London. The bags are inspired by retro Japanese school and travel bags from the 70s and 80s. 

Why 'Goododering'?

"The brand name ‘Goodordering’ comes from the joy and satisfaction of ordering well at a restaurant. “Our family often went out for meals together and after a very satisfying meal, we would all call out ‘Good ordering!’ to mum. This brand incorporates all the values of family get-togethers and those captured moments of happiness." At Bikelands, we just love this ethos as family and family meals together is an important part of our lives too. 

Why we love them...

When selecting products for you guys we take all the care and effort to select the best, more thoughtful and innovative products out there. Not only do we absolutely love the retro styles of Goodordering but we love that they take value and pride in the products they create which means great sturdy design. 


Goodordering started up when Jacqui Ma discovered the lack of stylish bags for commuters, and saw it fit to do something about it - while on maternity leave! 

Jacqui Ma keeps the retro styling in mind and combines it with modernity. The bags are made with gadgets and technology in mind.

Goodordering have a range of bags to suit you. There's various panniers and shoppers depending on your preferred attachment; handlebar bags (that can also work as a pannier and a fits perfectly as a pushchair bag too) mobile phone and saddle bags. So something for everyone in cool colours. Take a look here...    

We're always getting more stock in so if you don't see your preferred style and colour then let us know 

Happy cycling!




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Clug It

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 The Bikelander - 

Say goodbye to your bike storage woes with the latest in innovative bike storage. Introducing: Clug.

I first came across Clug a while ago and hadn't seen anything like it before. Seen as we love getting in the most unique and quirky products for you guys we investigated further and voila. Here they are.

Pictured below* (Roadie Clug, Hybrid Clug and MTB Clug) Here at Bikelands we stock the minimalist black and white and a cool surf blue and white. 


Why we love Clug:

Firstly, have you ever seen a bike storage solution look so good? Clug pride themselves on creating “the world’s smallest bike rack” and rightly so. You should see some people’s faces when you tell them that the tiny packaged cube they are holding is a bike rack.

What you see is what you get when you invest in a Clug. No fancy special attachments or loop holes, just a simple sturdy design that does what it says on the tin. Plus it is super easy to install.

It can be installed anywhere, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, office, downstairs toilet, anywhere that you have spare wall space and where you partner will allow it… Maybe not the bedroom.


Everyone loves a bit of innovation.

They are a massive space saver. Living in a studio apartment may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but what happens to your beautiful bike? It blocks doorways, becomes a coat rack and increases clutter. Clug it and turn a storage woe into an attractive storage solution.

Affordable is a word we all love hearing. Especially when the word applies to a solution to an ongoing problem. Clug retail at £15.99 and is the answer to said ongoing problem.

It’s for everyone, whether you’re a roadie, a hybrid or a mountain biker there is a Clug for you.

If like us you think that your bike is a work of art, display it. In the most functional and attractive way.

Even without the bike mounted it doesn’t look out of place like some home racks would. It’s so small your mother-in-law won't even notice it.

It is super easy to use. Simply align and insert. Then when it's ride time pull it out. No fuss.

You’ll never stop loving your Clug.





*Images Courtesy of CLUG Brands Inc.

**Images by Bikelands.




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The Goat Story

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The Bikelander – The Goat Story.

What do we want in a travel mug? Something that won’t leak all over the inside of your bag. Something that will keep your drink hot. Something that’s easy to use and easy to hold. And naturally, something that looks good. Introducing: The Goat Story Mug.

You may have seen or heard of the latest quirky product in Coffee Tech – The Goat Story Mug. Here at Bikelands we were 1 of 10,617 supporters that helped fund Goat Story on Kickstarter to help launch their business. Having loved the design initially we now love that we get to see these “one of a kind” mugs on our shelves every day and know that we helped get them there!

Goat Story gets it inspiration from the goat herders in the 13th Century and updated it for modern use: at the desk, or on the go. They are available in four earthy colours, black, brown, marsala and a special edition hemp. The mug itself is made from Polypropylene, which is a 100% BPA free material. The straps and the holders can be made from either leather or faux leather dependent on your preferences. At Bikelands we stock the leather version. The strap is detachable from the mug and can be adjusted in length. It can go as long as a cross body or to a wristlet strap. Perfect for carrying on your back when you’re commuting to work on your bike or hanging off the handlebar.

For those wondering how the shape of a goat’s horn acts as a practical shape for a mug, the aforementioned “holder” doubles as a stand for the mug, making it the ideal companion for your desk. The holder also acts as an insulator, no more cold coffee. Neat huh? Of course it can also be used for tea, hot chocolate or cold drinks but we do like our coffee - black, no sugar!.

Your Goat Story comes packaged in a small cardboard box, enclosed is your mug wrapped together in an authentic coffee bean sack.

  • 100% Leakproof – No more crying over spilt coffee.
  • Will keep your drink hot for up to 2 hours.
  • It’s super easy to carry around with you.
  • Dishwasher proof.
  • 100% BPA free.
  • It’s just pretty damn cool.


The Goat Story Mugs are available at Bikelands



 *No Goats were harmed in the making of Goat Story.

**All photo credits to Goat Story.


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Farewell to "The Ride"

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The Bikelander - 


For those of you who haven’t come across this publication before: Firstly, you’ve been missing out. Secondly, where have you been for the last eight years?

The Ride is all about a passion for cycling. It’s the driving force that got it started and what has enabled it to become what it is today. Like many brilliant ideas it started over Mexican food and a few beers back in 2008 (Similarly, Bikelands began over a curry and beers), and from there it has born. Seven years and ten issues later The Ride is taking an “indefinite break” from its glory. Here is why - if you haven’t already - you should check it out, while you still can...

The Ride Journal #10

- The Ride has many contributors from people all over the world, who share the same love for cycling. Their aim was to “de-categorise” cycling, and from the calibre of people and their different stories is it something that they have most definitely achieved.

 - It’s made up of shared experiences and stories from the followers of the journal, all with one thing in common, they love to cycle. Each story is unique, humorous, and personal from ridersof all levels. From an anecdote of a world tour to the story of an optimistic cancer patient. No two stories are the same. Each story guaranteed to make you reflect differently.

 -You don’t even need to be a cyclist to appreciate the content. A good eye for photography and this journal is a small haven, with breath taking images and illustrations, it’s easy to lose yourself in it.

- Each story is about 500 words a piece, making it a perfect read for those of us with a shorter attention span. Equally you can still sit down with your coffee and read it cover to cover.

- It makes a fantastic gift. Always struggle what to get that bike lover/wanderluster/photographer in your life? The Ride is something that everyone can appreciate.

-Every time a copy of The Ride is bought, a charity became better off: The creators of the book wanted to create something for everyone, they wanted to give back to cycling what it had given them so they decided not to profit from it. All profits were donated to charities. There’s a selfless act if we’ve ever seen one.

There you have it. What’s not to love?

Still don’t believe us? Go and see for yourself…

Issue 10 of The Ride is available in store or online here 

Happy Cycling & Reading!

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