Velo Vintage 4th Occasion & Ride

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We are again proud sponsors of Velo Vintage.  Now on it's 4th Occasion & Ride we will be judging for the very Best Dressed Bicycle and presented and lovely gift to winner.  There are still a few tickets left, so hurry fast and don't miss out!!
Saturday 7th December 2013
We’re going for a 1930 to 1950's theme with a lot of encouragement for 1940 to 1945 and so we're expecting a fine display of uniforms, which are always good in cold weather.
Any age of bicycle is welcome. On our first 3 events we had a terrific mixture from 1905 to brand new.
15 Guineas per rider
(£15.75 in new money)
Please contact Velo Vintage for details of family tickets
and child concessions under the age of 10 years
11:00 o'clock Registration - The Grapevine, Exmouth
You do have to register for the ride and sadly we cannot on this occasion take registrations on the day. If you've been along before, do bring your Occasion Card for stamping.
If this is your first ride you'll be issued with a pristine new card.
Coffee and bacon sandwiches will be available to purchase from The Grapevine.
Midday - the Ride Departs
We shall set off all together on one of three routes depending on the climatic conditions that prevail at the time. If possible, we'd like to take in a little sea air, as well as journey along the former routes of steam locomotion in the locality.
About 1:00 pm - ish
Somewhere around 1:00 o'clock we shall find ourselves at a venue that will take you back in time and tickle your taste buds in a truly titillating manner. Although rather early in the day and somewhat breaking established etiquette, we shall take tea and converse. We deplore being rushed at this moment and so shall relax and indulge our senses.
Exactly 2:43 pm
We shall depart with military precision and make our way in a truly inspiring manner, cycling as if we had entered a synchronised cycling competition.
Our journey will take us to the heart of Exmouth once more, where our skillful cycling style will inspire the ladies of the Renaissance choir to accompany our pedalling pageant.
Utterly Precisely at 3:30 pm
Dear Riders, We have the main stage for a few minutes in order to acknowledge the winners of our various competitions! Fame & glory awaits!
Enough of this frivolity we hear you sing, we need some inner warmth! Fear not dear Riders, as good cheer awaits.
3:45 pm Cycle for Cyder!
We shall at this time bid fare well to the adoration
of the amassed crowds and secure our place at
The Grapevine, a hostelry of a fine reputation who will then impart the juice of fermented apples that have been gently warmed in a seasonal manner. Another seasonal moment will be the serving of mince pies to  further revive us and so, we will all be of good cheer!
4:30 pm - Charity Draw - Headway Devon
The charity draw for Headway Devon will take place at The Grapevine and gosh, what goodies await! 
Now the official end of the 4th Ringtons Velo Vintage will be after the charity draw, however the evening continues as the Christmas Cracker goes on until 10:00pm and many of us are going to settle down and enjoy a Christmas Dinner at The Grapevine, no doubt popping out to watch the fireworks at 9:00 pm!

To read their menu, just click the box on the left and scroll down to the 
Christmas Party Night At the Grapevine menu. 
To reserve a seat/table for 7:30 at The Grapevine email them direct on
Exmouth Christmas Cracker
 As there is the remote possibility that the weather may be a tad inclement we have arranged indoor venues for our little stops for refreshment, sustenance and amusement, therefore numbers will sadly have to be restricted, probably to only 150 riders.

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