Bikelands' Prizes for BEST DRESSED BIKE at Velo Vintage

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We're really honoured to be one of the sponsors of Velo Vintage - a truly wonderful day out with friends new and old. Everyone literally has a smile on their face the whole time, while dressed in their vintage garb of course. There are many awards on the day - Best Moustache (man and lady no less!), Best Dressed Lady & Gentleman. We are privileged to  give the AWARD for Best Dressed Bike. My daughter and I assess all the bikes - obviously a Very Important job! Based on number of decorations? The colour? I love a bit of tinsel at this time of year. But bunting, ribbons, garlands, flowers are all glorious additions. Aroma also a consideration (a bit of lavender or a rose or two works wonders. We've also seen mint, basil, fresh baguettes which are all great ideas too), And how does the bike sound? We've seen spokies, bells, hooters, music. So you see you can have lots of fun dressing you and your bike. How will you dress your bike next time around?


There have been some wonderful prizes so far including Chase & Wonder Writing set (luckily this went to a lovely lady, Hayley who still cherishes  the art of writing - with a pen!),

Last Christmas the lucky winner received the Big Tomato 'Gold Revival' Bike mug Both practical and fabulous, perfect for that person who loves a cuppa and bling. Both are totally hand made in the UK.

Last Saturday, on Velo Vintage Four, the winner was lucky enough to receive the Oops Mark 'Wine Rack'. Another artisan product entirely handmade (in Canada this time). A best seller at Bikelands and a truly special gift for the person who has everything and loves all things cool in bikes. I bought it for Stuart ("for the man who loves all things cools in bikes") about 4 years ago - before the idea for the bike shop came about, but we knew it was the first on our list for products to sell!! 

If you're stuck for Christmas gift ideas then you couldn't go wrong these lovelies... Merry Christmas, Rebecca x  



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