Carrera Foldable Helmet

Posted on January 06, 2014 by Stuart Newlands | 0 Comments

Carrera's Foldable Helmet is really making waves...excuse the topical subject...and quickly rolling up the cool beach! When we first saw this helmet a year or so ago we knew we'd be onto a winner.  Carrera have wealth of knowledge in protecting heads and eyes for years.  Always with a sense of style!  Who could forget Robert Redford in the 1963 film Downhill Racer.  Well i know my wife can't!!

Our best seller has been the Matt Black, but there are other great colours to choose from.  The boys and girls from the The Guvnors Assembly have all reported back on how much they love it.  Originally designed to be quite literally the 'coolest' helmet on the market with maximum ventilation, the piston style allows for the helmet to fold down by 30%. Much easier to pop into your bag when off the bike.

And you it really want to turn heads and feel a little more special, they have now introduced the Carrera E00416 Premium, with think it's 'gorg'.

The guys at are featuring it on their '7 supremely cool accessories'  check it out !!  We think you'll love it.


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