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The Bikelander -
Tom and Sian first established Bobbin in 2007 after discovering a lack of bikes that were made simply for the enjoyment of riding, so they set out to establish their own brand of bikes for the sole purpose of spontaneity cycling and joy. (You can see why we love them so much).

Since then, Bobbin have come a long way, starting as a small independent bike company selling Dutch style bikes out of a small atelier in Islington, London which is where we first met them. Today they are on their way to world domination in the everyday cycling world, most importantly having an influence on the way that women's cycling is marketed worldwide. They've also had a recent collaboration with the University of Cambridge and have produced special edition bikes in honour. A PR dream of British heritage. Find the Cambridge collection here. (Psst, we're also doing an introductory offer...)

Influenced by powerful women of today including Florence Welch and Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella, Bobbin have taken marketing cycling to women to a whole new level. By removing the competitiveness, the racing bars and excessive gears they have created bikes that have a "get up and go" feel to them that is both classic and edgy at the same time making them the bike to ride at the moment. Their men's range is appealing to a whole new audience of men who don't want to climb hills the fastest but a good sturdy bike for their daily commute or weekend cafe ritual.

Deliciously Ella 25.01.16    

2016 saw an extended range so now there is a bike for everyone. From the wanderlusters to the hipsters. The Birdies to the Dark Star. Bobbin caters for all joyous cyclists, and their wide range of accessories allow you to give your Bobbin its own personal touch. There is a rainbow of colours to choose from along with different finishes to suit every mood and style. 

When you buy a Bobbin you aren't just buying a bike, you're joining a community of people who all share a singular interest, a love of joyful cycling. The power of social media enables Bobbin to exist as a community, sharing pictures and adventures through the realms of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Not only are the Bobbin Bikes fab, but owners Sian & Tom are pretty damn cool too. And being a friendly pair it makes doing business with them a whole lot nicer. Its great to catch up with them at the trade shows and because they've been in our shoes (as independent retailers) they respect our feedback which is reassuring.  

Since we first opened we knew Bobbin would be a key brand  for  us and rightly they have been a best seller ever since. You  often  see a Bobbin Bicycle swishing around the streets of  Exmouth and  Exeter that our lovely customers have put their  own mark on from  our range of stylish accessories (that we get in with Bobbin in  mind). If I had a £1 for every person who  said "this is the bike I've  always wanted"....










So with so many cool Bobbin options now what are our favourites:


Rebecca Top Picks at BikelandsStuart's Top Picks at Bikelands

#BeckyLoves the Bobbin Brownie in Raspberry. I just love this new funky Pinky colour. I can't wait to see the new colours each year and this one comes out tops! Its like a deep cerise pink which you can accessorise to your hearts content with a basket & garlands 

#StuartLoves the Bobbin Beat in Black for it's sheer simplicity, upright position and minimalist feel. It's a great #everydaycycling bike. Loved by the trend setters of Shoreditch as well as those who are a bit long in the tooth and prefer comfort to speed ;-)   

#KateLoves the Bobbin Birdie in Cornfield Yellow for it's smooth matte finish and even smoother ride with no fuss gears... 

#SamLoves the new Single Speed in Charcoal for it's clean lines 

#AndyLoves the Dark Star for it's classic look with a modern twist. Ideal for longer commutes too 

Which one do you love?

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