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Posted on October 02, 2014 by Stuart Newlands | 0 Comments

I was asked a few weeks back if I'd like to write a column on any part of the cycle industry I felt strongly about.  For those who know me, my mantra usually involves something to do with 'Everyday Cycling'.  

I used to be a typical cyclist; putting on the gear and zipping around the streets of London.  However, of late its really erked me that regular cycling in the UK, as a percentage, remains stubbornly low.  This is dispite Wiggo winning the Tour de France, Team GB firing on all cylinders in the 2012 Olympics and a massive following of our very own Tour of Britain.  

Why is this?  I don't have all the answers, but if we try to think who we are selling too, we may well buck the trend.

You can read my column here BikeBiz  




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