Inactivity 'kills more than obesity'

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Good article in the BBC, with regards to the ticking timebomb that is 'health'.  If it isn't diabetes Type2, it's obesity or inactivity.  Either we need to get a grip, otherwise will be paying billions of pounds through taxes or diverting other government spend towards these NHS provisions.  But we will only address the issue by extracting our heads out of the sand and telling our MPs to do something about.

Mr Cameroon is now telling us about the budget deficient we are leaving to our kids in we don't vote Conservative.  Well how about this one David, Ed ???

Commenting on the findings, Barbara Dinsdale, from the charity Heart Research UK, said: "This study once again reinforces the importance of being physically active, even when carrying excess weight.

"Changing your lifestyle is all good news for heart health, but physical activity is always easier to achieve and maintain without carrying the extra 'body baggage' of too much weight."

Prof John Ashton, president of the Faculty of Public Health, said changes were needed to make exercise easier.

"We need substantial investment in cycling infrastructure to make our streets safer.

"If more people cycled or walked to work or school, it would make a big difference in raising levels of physical activity."

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