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 The Bikelander - 

Say goodbye to your bike storage woes with the latest in innovative bike storage. Introducing: Clug.

I first came across Clug a while ago and hadn't seen anything like it before. Seen as we love getting in the most unique and quirky products for you guys we investigated further and voila. Here they are.

Pictured below* (Roadie Clug, Hybrid Clug and MTB Clug) Here at Bikelands we stock the minimalist black and white and a cool surf blue and white. 


Why we love Clug:

Firstly, have you ever seen a bike storage solution look so good? Clug pride themselves on creating “the world’s smallest bike rack” and rightly so. You should see some people’s faces when you tell them that the tiny packaged cube they are holding is a bike rack.

What you see is what you get when you invest in a Clug. No fancy special attachments or loop holes, just a simple sturdy design that does what it says on the tin. Plus it is super easy to install.

It can be installed anywhere, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room, office, downstairs toilet, anywhere that you have spare wall space and where you partner will allow it… Maybe not the bedroom.


Everyone loves a bit of innovation.

They are a massive space saver. Living in a studio apartment may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but what happens to your beautiful bike? It blocks doorways, becomes a coat rack and increases clutter. Clug it and turn a storage woe into an attractive storage solution.

Affordable is a word we all love hearing. Especially when the word applies to a solution to an ongoing problem. Clug retail at £15.99 and is the answer to said ongoing problem.

It’s for everyone, whether you’re a roadie, a hybrid or a mountain biker there is a Clug for you.

If like us you think that your bike is a work of art, display it. In the most functional and attractive way.

Even without the bike mounted it doesn’t look out of place like some home racks would. It’s so small your mother-in-law won't even notice it.

It is super easy to use. Simply align and insert. Then when it's ride time pull it out. No fuss.

You’ll never stop loving your Clug.





*Images Courtesy of CLUG Brands Inc.

**Images by Bikelands.




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