Look of the Week


The Bobbin Bramble is a great looking bike, comforty to ride both around town and in the country.  It's available in Azure Blue (as shown), Gold and Gold Green.  Two sizes; 17.5" and 19.5" covers most heights.  The 6 speed Shimano trigger gear makes it an easy ride too.  Comes with fenders front & back, chainguard and not forgetting it's colour-match rear rack...perfect for the Bobbin Straw Pannier - it's showerproof don't you know!

Henrichs are just gorgeous; being reflectve has never been so sexy!  Now if we're talking sexy, then look no further than Sawako's Croc Tan helmet. Go on, treat yourself and turn heads! 

Finally how about Bobbin's XL wicker basket with axle struts, it's big enough for corner store shopping and your work stuff.  I always think it has a pleb-gate-esque about it.  What do you think?