Our Philosophy

The simple pleasures of cycling. 


Inspired by holidays on the French Atlantic Coast; cycling along trails, winding through sun dappled country

lanes and out on to sand dune'd beaches.  Collecting the baguette, going for coffee and returning home after

a glass of vino. Perhaps a snooze before supper, then into town for some hustle and bustle and people gazing.  

Our bicycles were always there! 


As an antithesis to sport cycling, Bikelands is there for everyone else.  We truly believe a bike is for life and

should be used everyday of that life.  We do so many journeys under 5 miles in cars, when we should be taking

the bike.   With the rising costs of driving; both petrol and parking. Then there are health concerns; physical and

mental.   We think cycling is the answer!


At Bikelands we want bums on saddles.  You'll find an environment to shop in, that'll both inspire and tempt you

to get on, or back on, a fantastic bike and a selection of stunning accessories to browse and buy.  We think this'll

be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  Perhaps one day you will complete a Sportive, but if not, we'll keep

you one step ahead of the crowd.


So go on grab your Breton, pull on your chinos, slip on those pumps and Just Ride!