Brooks Saddle Maintenance and Care

Leather is a natural product, which will provide long lasting comfort, coolness in hot weather, style and durability.  Follow these 3 simple tips and your saddle will adapt itself to you and remain at its best.


  • CONDITIONING - a new saddle should be treated with Brooks Profide to assist the 'breaking-in' process.  Profide helps keep the leather supple, as well as condition, preserve and shower proof your saddle.  Proofide should be applied to the underside and in this case left on. Apply a little proofide on the top and allow to permeate until dry, then polish off with a cloth.  Proofide must not be applied to the underside of Aged saddles.  This process should be completed several times during the 'breaking-in period' and every six months there after.
  • KEEP IT DRY - although a Brooks saddle is shower proof once conditioned with profide, they are not completely water proof.  During winter or prolonged rain, a saddle cover is recommended.  If a Brooks saddle does become wet, it should not be ridden, or tensioned and allowed to dry naturally
  • UP THE TENSION - correct leather tension will ensure your saddle retains it's shape and comfort.  To tension simply turn the nose-bolt nut 90degrees and check the tension.  Over tensioning a saddle will stretch the leather fibres and damage their structure. The key is little and not very often.