Cycle to Work Schemes


At Bikelands we want to make the purchase or your bicycle as simple and affordable as possible, that's why we support tax free cycle to work schemes. We partner with Cyclescheme, Cycle Plus (P&MM Employee benefits), Bikes for NHS. 

What is a Cycle to Work Scheme? Bikelands have been working closely with a growing number of local and national firms to supply their employees with new bikes and equipment on the cycle to work scheme. This is part of the governments green transport plan designed to encourage employees to use a more eco friendly means of transport by offering a tax incentive to purchase a new bike via your employer on a salary sacrifice basis. This would normally be done over a twelve month period and can mean you'll be able to save as much as 42% - and obviously you' don't need to just use your bike for work! Companies who have bought bikes from us include:

 NHS, including Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust 



Jaguar Land Rover Ltd

Tesco Stores 

Any Local Authority (e.g. teachers, council...) including Devon County Council, East Devon District Council, Exmouth Town Council 

How Does It Work? Each scheme works in slightly different ways, but generally your employer signs up to the scheme first, then it’s a very straight forward process in securing your chosen bike and safety equipment. We suggest that you come into Bikelands to discuss your requirements, alternatively drop us a line to and I can do the process it via email. We can also advise you on best style and size that fits both you and your route to work.

My Employee is signed up to a scheme, how do I get my bike? Pop in to Bikelands; give us a call; or email us at Once you have made your decision on bicycle and accessories, we can then fill out the appropriate quotation forms ready for you to submit. Whether your employer chooses to work direct with us, or to use one of the middle-men who specialise in working with independent cycle shops like ourselves the whole process of ordering your bike remains the same. All bikes bought through this scheme still come with the usual manufacturers warranties and are eligible for a first free six week service at Bikelands.

I will provide you with a quote for your bike whether that is in the shop or via email ( You submit that to your employee / HR department who then process for you. Alternatively, many schemes allow you to do this yourself, particularly Cyclescheme who have a website where you log in all your details and our bike Shop code which is BIKEL004 which is makes the process very simple. Simply log in here, you'll need your employer code to get started and then just enter your bike, accessories and apply while opting for Bikelands with our unique Shop Code.

Other schemes may require you to send a fax / scan of your application directly to them and they will process this for you through your employer

And now for some inspiration...

More information about the schemes

Cycle Scheme

PMM Employee Benefits Cycle plus

Bikes for the NHS
Due to commission paid, we are unable to offer sale prices or free shipping with tax free bike/cycle schemes.  


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions - we're here to help!  

Happy cycling!! Rebecca x