Cycle7 - Otto Lauterbach of Otto London


  1. Do you remember your first bike or a favourite childhood bike?

In Caracas where I lived, the infrastructure for cycling is non-existent.  The distances were far and roads too dangerous.  However, my first bike was a P.K.Ripper flat tube frame.  My dad too me to BMX competitions every Saturday for about 6 months, but because I was such a coward I always finished last of all.  However, one good day, as all of these brave riders aggressively fought for the first place, a mass collision occurred in front me and thanks to my slowness, I swifted by and won the race.  I started riding bicycles properly when I came to Europe at the age of 18 years old in Dusseldorf, Germany.

  1. What got you into cycling?

I got into Cycling as it gives me the freedom to go anywhere I want (within reason), at any time.  Most importantly I don't need to depend on anyone or anything, just simply my will and leg strength!

  1. What’s your favourite ride/commute at the moment?

I love going to our photographers, Horst Friedrich's studio/home.  He lives in Kingston and I live in North West London so I have to ride all over West London from North to South.  Through Barnes, Wimbledon and Richmond Parks and all the small country-like roads, which are simply beautiful.   

  1. What is your favourite biking memory (an adventure, a date, solitude, childhood, holiday…?)

As I have no memory, I guess it will be the last ride!  Or, see Question 1, this is the most memorable ride of all.

  1. If you could go for a ride anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be?                                                                                                                                                       As I am a commuter more than a cross country or sport kind of cyclist, I would ;love to experience cycling in the best city for cycling - Copenhagen (I've done Amsterdam already) - and the worst - Delhi.  Both experiences must be mind-blowing, especially the second one.
  1. What’s the story behind your brand name 'Otto London'?

'Otto' is due to the number 8, which in Italian is Otto and it is a lucky number in China.  The symbol '8' also means infinity and somehow resembles  a bicycle with its two circles at each end.  Hence we have 8 colours, our ponchos cost £88 and we launched our company in August, the 8th month.  'London' is due to the love that we have for this city.  It has welcomed us every time and we feel so lucky to be here in the cultural and social melting pot that makes this city so special and interesting.

  1. What's the one thing you’d do to encourage more people on to bikes?

Being the good fashion victim that I am, do exactly what I do; wear and provide a garment that looks good on and off their bikes, while looking cool and stylish and keeping warm and dry.

Thanks Otto!  You can find out more about Otto, follow him and his adventures here;



Cycle 7 is where we ask the people behind some of our favourite brands and products seven simple questions about their cycling inspirations and the story behind their products.