Friends of Bikelands

Bikelands stock a whole host of amazing bicycles, accessories and accoutrements. Some you know you wanted, some you didn't!  The Bikelands Collection can be enjoyed at any age, it's just a state of mind. We'll keep on hunting out all that is homegrown and cool on the cycling scene, whether that is a beautifully designed product or a special event.

We love searching for the best brands and the most interesting stories. We always begin our journey here in the UK where we've met lots of new friends.  We then throw out our net a little wider, traversing the globe on the interweb. Our most recent tour has seen us stopping off in several cycling cities; Tokyo, Krakow, Berlin, Stockholm, Montreal and San Francisco to name but a few. Then it's home to Devon and the Bikelands emporium.

You may recognised some of our Friends- but there are lots more in store...Those That Ride, Discover!