Bike Parka - Urban

The BikeParka is light and breathable, yet engineered to withstand the toughest elements. They keep bikes snug, dry and clean whatever the weather.

Each BikeParka has an elasticated bottom for close fit around the wheels and eyelets for tie or small locks. The cover can be tweaked to suit any seat and handle bar height. The URBAN design also features unique Velcro lock-through panels, so your lock can be pushed through to secure the cover to your bike. This also keeps the cover down low̴Ì_rather than riding above the lock.

BikeParkas also come in a handy and tough 'Stuff Sac' that fits into a day pack, and the URBAN Stuff Sac also easily attaches to your bike frame.

The Stuff Sac measures just̴Ì_20cm x 12cm (8" x 3")̴and is ultra lightweight, weighing just 14 ounces (400 grams). You can even̴Ì_stuff them away when wet, they won't damage.

One size fits all - the BikeParka measures: L 205 cm (80") x H 125 cm (50") and will fit handlbars up to 60cm (23").

Category: Bike, Bike Cover, Lockable

Type: Bike cover

Vendor: Bike Parka

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