Brooks Classic B17 Standard

The flagship model in the Brooks range. First introduced in the 1890's, the B17 is a true classic. It has firmly established itself as the saddle of choice for long distance cyclists, banishing discomfort and numbness.

Lifetime Comfort Shapes to Your Body. THE CLASSIC RANGE includes many of Brook's best selling models. All these saddles have single rails making them compatible with most micro-adjusted seat posts. The B17 is the most popular in the range and the longest living saddle in cycling history. It was sold as far back as 1896 and for over a century has not gone out of production. These models are also available in Aged & Imperial lines.

  • L 275mm, W 175mm, H 65mm
  • Rails: Black steel
  • Don't forget to soften and protect the saddle with Proofide. This not only weather proofs the saddle it also encourages the 'molding' to your shape. Also available at Bikelands

Category: classic, Leather, Saddle

Type: Saddle

Vendor: Brooks

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