Nigel Peake Travel Journal

Both a stunning and useful journal with handy pockets for your receipts, good quality paper for To Do lists or your journal and of course beautiful illustrations by Nigel Peake himself

Combining environmental concerns about travelling with a growing enthusiasm for cycling, Nigel encourages people to take up travelling in this manner in short or long rides, through urban, suburban or rural areas, alongside roads, coasts and mountain paths and record these colourful journeys. His drawings will act as prompters and punctuation marks, dividing sections, mapping out ideas and guiding imaginative riders through new landscapes. With 20 illustrations, blank pages to write on and 16 envelopes to store mementos of your adventures.

Nigel Peake trained as an architect and made his mark through a series of unique books on subjects such as sheds, buildings and ghost houses. While he travelled across Europe on his trusty bike, his work moved around just as much: from the ateliers of Hermes to magazine pages, posters and murals. When he is not travelling, he enjoys drawing while listening to cricket matches on the radio in Strangford, his native village in County Down, Ireland.


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