Tannus Tyres 700cx23c Aither 1.1

The tyres that never go down! It's as simple as that. Ever been concerned that you might be caught out and catch a flat? It always rains, bikes filthy, it's getting dark...well those days are over. Great for commuting or training rides.

The 700x23c Tannus Solid Tyre is the fastest puncture free tyre in the world. Made from Aither 1.1, the 2015 edition of the nano compound used by Tannus. The Regular (R) Grade version of Aither 1.1 provides the equivalent of 100 P.S.I., making it the ideal hardness for riders of all sizes. The sticky slick tread pattern minimizes rolling resistance, and provides incredible grip in all weather conditions. this tyre is as ideal for road training, commuting, long distance cycling. as it is for your daily cycling pleasure. The 700x23c comes in 9 stunning and everlasting colours.

Important: The 700x23c Tannus Solid Tyre requires a clincher style rim with an inner rim width of 13-15mm.

(Be sure to check you rim width before purchase)

Find out about Tannus here.

Fitting instructions here.

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