Urbinati Bike Super Sport Wood Handlebars

These beautifully made mahogany handlebars are one for the connoisseur. For the the person who has it all...or maybe just someone who appreciates great design, immaculately executed.

Urbinati Bike are proud to hand make these handlebars in Italy, each handlebar comes in its own protective presentation case, with oil and a polishing cloth. 

These fine wood handlebars are layered with four carbon fibre bands, laid in two sets of parallel strands with half a million filaments in each wooden handlebar. These filaments mean that no metal is required in these beautifully crafted handlebars allowing them to retain their beauty, strength, safety and light weight. They are uniquely beautiful yet still resistant to stresses, strains and the weather.

The Urbinati handlebars are tested in house and are CE certified (UNI EN ISO 421 0-5:2014) having withstood 200N applied 100,000 times at a frequency of 1Hz (1 thrust per second).

Urbiniti is an Italine company established and run by the Urbiniti Family to produce high end bicycle components. The ethos is to focus on Top Quality material to create products of unrivalled beauty and safety. In fact Urbinati bike handlebars are the only wooden handlebar producers to have received CE Certification so far. 

The handlebars provide an excellent Shock-Absorbing Effect on uneven pavings and on town pavings such as cobblestone, thanks to their special composition with more than 50 wooden layers and 4 carbon fiber layers!

Urbinati bike products are designed for an Innovative, Dynamic, High-Tech, Nature-Loving, Environmentally Aware clientèle who appreciates the best Italian Craftsmanship and is dissatisfied with today’s culture of low-quality mass consumerism.


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